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    Cool DMing a Non-Cerilia

    Hey there folks (mostly management team). I am firing back up my non-Cerilia based Birthright campaign that is run via e-mail and I am wondering if it is alright if I post it up here on this site to see if I can attract some new players. If not, its alright, but I thought I would ask first before I jumped the gun and posted.

    Thanks in advance!

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    We're always interested in Birthright in other worlds. Tell us how things go.

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    I'm currently working on making a Freewebs site to better explain it, but I'll give a basic overview of the Campaign world and some of the differences and similarities between Bersia and Cerilia.

    Basic Overview:

    Bersia is a world that has manifested and created itself around a history (as one can imagine) of vicious, brutal bloodshed between the various races, sects, and clans. From the ashes of the countless wars and skirmishes, only a handful of predominant super-power nations have emerged, controlling vast regions and provinces either through sheer domination (as can be seen with the Curic Empire) or through vassalage of several smaller states to the ruling estate (as examplified through the Jayn Horde). Whatever the state of rule, however, the one thing that has bound the world together is its sharing love for conflict; and the thirst for power that drives their rulers to such measures.

    The Factions:

    The Imperial Heartlands
    The Curic Empire
    - Curin (Imperial Human)
    - Dessel (Imperial Human)
    - Andos (Imperial Human)
    - Colbourne (Imperial Human)
    - Tresem (Imperial Human)
    The Elven Dominion
    - Forest of Gallic (Wood Elves)
    - Desseux (High Elves)
    - City of Recluse (Avariel Elves)
    The Kingdom of Thurungrad (Mountain Dwarves)
    The Court of Dol'Daranach (Hill Dwarves)

    The Biacan Islands
    Biaca Major Contested
    - The Biacan Republic (Biacan Human)
    - The Biacan Liberals (Biacan Human)
    - The New Biacan Kingdom (Biacan Human)
    - Kingdom of Mount Dian (Mountain Dwarves)
    - The Southern Biacan Union (Biacan Human-High Elves)
    Biaca Minor
    - The Wilik-Imperia of Helsh (Dark Elf)

    Island of Andora Contested
    Youngsburg (Andoran Human)
    Crown of Sin'Tupora (High Elves)
    Irrica (Dark Elves)
    East Zellek-Jayn Tribes of Andora (Orcs and Ogres)
    Anduria (Andoran Human)
    Ar Tahl (Avariel Elves via Recluse)
    Crown of Thorinbard (Mountain Dwarves)
    Mount Grozik (Goblins)
    Fury Tribe (Gnolls)

    The Jayn Far East
    The Jayn Horde
    - The Jayn Heartland (Orcs)
    - The Watchers (New race called The Watchers. Humanoids)
    - Flamewrought (Goblins)
    - Thundercliffs (Ogres)
    - Soriss (Gnolls)
    Vellond (Dark Elves)
    The Hassim Empire (Hassim Humans)

    The Kurik Tundra Contested
    The Northern Jayn Belt (Goblins)
    The Scimitar Contested
    - The Kurik Tribes (Goblins)
    - South Vassi (Goblins)
    - Vassi Mountains (Orcs)
    - Dracta (Orcs)
    - Edgion Peak (Ogres)
    - Crn Jauvijek (Orcs)
    - Jeena (Barbarian Humans)
    - The Realm of the Lich (Undead)

    As in Cerilia, along with each of the major Crown factions, there is also a long list of Guild and Temple factions in Bersia. However, unlike in most parts of Cerilia, the independent Temples and Guilds do not hold nearly as much influence or power, and are often subject to cruel and relentless laws from their ruling Crown Lords. However, change, it is whispered, is on the horizon. (I encourage anyone wanting a challenge to play one of these independents)

    Books in Play (Only 3e and 3.5e)
    - All Core Books including: PHB2, Supplement Books (Tome and Blood, Sword and Fist, Masters of the Wild, Song and Silence), the Oriental Handbook, Quinessential Books.
    - Only rejected books I have at this time are: Book of Feats, Book of Templates, Book of Prestige Classes.
    - Any and all prestige classes, naturally, are required approval first and are quite often subject to alteration to more appropriately fit the Birthright-style of gameplay.

    Similarities to Cerilia
    - The Elves of Bersia have suffered a long and antagonising history almost identical to that of their cousins on Cerilia. When Humanity became an infant of power, they formed for themselves small cabals in the south western sector of the old day Elven Dominion under the careful guard of their Elven lords. When the Goblin Wars between Gallic and the Goblins that once dwelled in current-day Recluse reached its pinnacle, Humanity rose to the aid of their teachers and lords. However, once given a taste for blood and power, after the war, the unthinkable happened: the Human tribes struck against the Dominion, slaughtering countless of their former friends; stealing their homes and land. The tension caused by this, while not remembered generations later, is still prevailant in the High Elven kingdom of Desseux where the Warrior-Lord Achillies waits for any moment to strike back at his enemies.
    - Allies and Enemies: while the uneasy alliance between the Elven Dominion and the Curic Empire is a difference to Cerilia; the alliance is only held together by the common ground of hate for the Jayn Horde. (IE how Humans and Elves united against Azrai). This understanding is held together so long as the Jayn Overlord remains in power behind his legions. When the War of Blood is over, many expect the Imperial Army to find itself against their Elven allies rather quickly. On the opposite side of the map, the Monsterous Humanoids, Goblinoids, and Orcs have been forced into strict rule of command under the heel of the mysterious Jayn Overlord, who has managed to reign each of their major kingdoms and mold one of the most destructive nations to have ever step foot on Bersia.
    - Unit creation on Bersia is mirrored to that of Cerilia; however, very few races have set-in-stone unit types (whereas Anuriean Elite Infantry is generally Heavy Veteran Infantry; Goblin Shock Troopers from Mount Grozik are custom-made Heavy Veteran Infantry with Toughness and Advanced Melee training). I encourage my players to always make new and innovative armies, and by that, I do not use the pre-created tables for units, but instead use the training options that are listed above the figures in the BRCS for custom making your own units.
    - The Ageless Chosen: as in Cerilia, Elves do not age once they reach maturity. There are a handful of Elves that predate most written history, most elves pre-date Humanity, and almost all of them pre-date the Curic Empire. While not viewed as mystically as in Cerilia; the same understanding of acquired respect has been obtained by the last remaining elven kingdoms. Humans only dare to prompt their neighbours when they are feeling especially daring, as these elves remember the wrongs done to them in ages past, and are quick to execute tresspassers.

    Different from Cerilia
    - Humans: There are no Human subraces on Bersia concerning character sheets or racial mustering limitations (although there are definate racial distinctions between the five known groups: Imperial (Anuirean), Biacan (Brecht), Andoran (a sort of Brecht-Anuriean cross), Hassim (Khinasi), and Barbarian (Vos))
    - Elves: There are four Elven sub-races available for play: High Elves, Wood Elves, Avariel Elves, and Dark Elves. Dark Elves are considered Drow when constructing character sheets, but share no similarities to their Forgotten Realms cousins when it comes to history. Dark Elf characters are built using the Oriental Handbook.) Each of the Elves have a Home Terrain type, where if upon it, they do not cause damage to the Source levels per Province level. (High Elf - Plains, Wood Elf - Forest, Avariel Elf - Mountains, Dark Elf - Forest).
    - Orcs: I've simply adjusted the Orogs and added them as Orcs instead.
    - Ogres: I have been play-testing Ogres as an adjustable Race; meaning simply that you do not muster a Legion of Ogres as is done in Cerilia; but instead can muster a unit of Ogre Irregulars for example.
    - Undead Under construction: Like the Ogres, I am planning on making the undead an adaptable race to be played. This will require play-testing however.
    - Caster Unit (unit type): I have been play-testing a new unit type called the Caster Unit. No, before anyone draws torches and pitch forks at me, this is not a formation of 200-some wizards all spontaneously casting spells, but instead is more considered to be a small collection of low-levelled spellcasters that are supported by apprentices and guards.
    - Ship construction: Instead of each race having only single types of ships, I have reformatted the ship construction process to resemble that of custom unit creation. There are ship types to emphasize the general size of the ship, ship armour types, crew experience levels, and ship upgrades you can purchase.
    - Deities and Blood Gods: Because of historical differences, the names of the Blood Gods are different (as are their portfolios, in some regards at least). However, when creating a new character, generally, the same rolls are used to determine abilities and which blood deity you have. The active deities were never blooded scions. The religions of Bersia are a mixture of the presented faiths in the Player's Handbook, as well as a few additions (of powerful ex-player characters from a different campaign. Please note that my players do not play these deities).
    - Character Power vs National Power: my PCs are of epic level for the fact that it is not the rolls that are the primary source of gameplay, but instead the strategy and intrigue of the gameplay itself. Adventures are few and far between as the Lords and Ladies of the crowns instead have to devote their personal time to tasks concerning their position. To this effect, many PCs hold not only command over their Crown Holdings, but also can maintain a small collection of personal holdings as either retirement funds, personal funds, or whatever. It is always stressed, however, that personal funds are not crossed with Court funds unless dire circumstance applies.
    - Court Actions: my game is centered towards fast-pace action, and by that, I have added an additional Standard Action per 3 Court levels, allowing characters to speed up their processes.
    - Languages: there is a whole list of other languages (which I will post later).
    - Aeral Combat: because Avariel Elves are an actual (albiet not very poweful) nation, I have made additions to the war system that allows for aerial combat. This can be explained to anyone who faces or is an Avariel Elf.
    - Formal War vs Seasonal War: expanding upon the idea of having more close-quartered battles, I have made changes to the scope and size of the combat field; allowing for players to have as large of a map as required for unit movements and attacks (formal war), or a map with a grid of 2x the province level in width and length for unit movement.
    - Racism: (READER'S CAUTION - true to the name). There is extreme racism betweens the races on Bersia. I know, what else is new, but it is prevailant even between the Sub-races. If you cannot handle these kinds of verbal attacks, this game may not be for you. (I only say this because I have had players get upset because of it). It is not tolerated out of character, naturally, to one another as players.

    So, that's some of the tidbit I have, just a sort of taste of the campaign world. The history is rich and colourful, having countless wars that have shaped the world's outcome. I am still writing all of it, and once completed (as with the website for it) will have it posted for anyone to view.

    That being said... Opinions?
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    I stand alone before the raging winds of time. Behold! Not even they have undone my efforts!

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    Ah I missed an important note.

    We play by e-mail, weekly, and by the Domain Turn (1 season a week). We are currently prepping to restart on the 7th year of gameplay (I use the same month names as Cerilia, I simply have not sat down and given enough history for a relvant year number yet. At the moment, most Crowns have their own records of years based on their foundation, but all the nations have mysteriously agreed to use the same month names for the sake of the DM )
    I stand alone before the raging winds of time. Behold! Not even they have undone my efforts!

    DM of the Non-Cerilia Campaign: Bersia

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