I am not sure this is the right section to start this thread, but if i made a mistake i plead the admins to redirect it.
Now i need an advice on the future of my character.
I will describe his past to you first,in order to better understand his future.

Kurt Rotwald( my character) is young brecht adventurer from Rormarch, he fought on both sides of civil war, and eventually deserted the army and ran for Anuire. The travel trough Chimareon costed him the love of his life(i know it is corny) and he entered the new lands with no hope and no plans for his future.
In Osoerde he was recruited to fight for the cause of Duke William Moergen( history of Anuire is a little different in this game) to fight usurper Jason Raenech. He lost many of his fellow adventurers in the fight( he is the only surviving character from the start of the game) and was knighted by the Duke himself for his achievements. During his adventures Kurt became deadly self thought brecht stile fighter. When the legion of undead monsters invaded Osoerde he was sent trough magical portal to destroy its source, and that is where his doom started.
He managed to defeat some blood sucking monster from Azrai's hells in some ancient sidhe crypts, but again lost all of his friends in the process. The sole person who he managed to save was monsters new lunch/toy, an Sidhe warrior adventurer who also had no idea where are they.
With more adventuring acquired more allies and found out where they are located. They are on island of Caelcorwynn, which is inhabited by many mystical creatures and many different tribes of beastmen( lizardmen, gnolls, spiderlings and centaurs), some evil and some good.
The island is run by the wizard, who is responsible for the undead horde, and his ally, who is called by his minions just as "demon". Wizard and this "demon' person organized the gnoll tribes and started importing slaves, mostly human and goblin, to work in his gold mines. The suppliers of slaves are human pirates who have their small base of operations on the island, but some of them are not to happy about this arrangement. When Kurt and his friends explored the island they crossed into the shadow world once by accident.
There most of them lost some portion of their sanity, specifically Kurt and his Sidhe friend Aewyn. They managed to come back, but emotionally scared, and most of them slided to the dark side a little. Aewyn the elf, made some dark pacts there, and his new powers helped them to come.
Kurt started to see things in a different way, he no longer sees people as persons, but as pawns, and life as some great game of chess with destiny or gods.
The island is almost inpossible to get by the ship, there is only one natural harbor and even path to that one is extremely hard to sail.
Tho sole person who dares that way is the dreaded captain of the pirates, and last heroic feat of Kurt and his friends was, kidnapping him in front of his loyal crew, and in the middle of his base on island.

Now wee can come to the future of Kurt, his ambition grew enormously and he is not satisfied with "mere knight" status( although he is a peasants son) and he wants more, this "vacant" island could be his base of operations, and pirates his servants. He would like the title of the governor or baron of Caelcorwyn, he is aware of the powers of divine bloodlines, and he is ready to acquire one for himself by any mean. He desires to swim in the waters of politics and he is ready to overcame any obstacle in his way.
His greatest trump card are his fellow adventurers: Reikaard, the cruel Rjurick ranger and ex pirate with strange code of honor; Aewyn the Elf an assassin who would do anything to save his race; and being they all are not sure what it is( perhaps it is awny or something similar) named Aldaris, but he walks around dressed in robes with the strange fish mask, so we call him "scroched one" in front of other people.
Kurt Has some ties to Williem Moergan and to Diirk Watershold and might develop some contacts with pirates.
Now my fellow Birthright players i will like you to share your opinions with me on what this fellow can do to make his way in the world of Anuirean politics.