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    PBeM Games List

    Sup Guys --

    I haven't had much luck finding many pbem games online since went down a few years ago. So, I'm putting together a new pbem list. I pulled your e-mail from an old pbem list in my mailbox. And, I was wondering if you could check out the messageboard I've started and post game announcements for any pbems that you might be in right now which are searching for new players. The site is:

    I'm also looking for moderators and administrators to help with the design and layout -- as I've just put together the bare bones framework.

    Also, if there are any other pbem players that you know, please refer them to this sit as well and ask them to post game announcements too. I'm trying to compile a new list of all active games.

    -- Nicholas Harrison

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    I guess you can add ROE II:
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    Game is just starting. Just if you decide to join, please stay.

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    Age of Shadows PBEM is starting up and I am accepting some more players. Website is here:

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    The spanish speaking community has built a great play-by-web site for hosting internet-based rpg games. I sincerely reccomend you guys take a look at it:

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    Bersia now has a forums and can be added to the list of available games.

    Warning: not a Cerilia-based Birthright Campaign
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    New World Campaign is still running though it doesn't have a site at the moment. email for DM is Still accepting players.

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