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    In Need of Maps and Info

    Hi everyone. I and my party, want to play a Birthright campaign, but though I'm a seasoned player, I never had the birthright campaign setting, and saddly, the Birthright 3.5 edition that is available from download doesn't offer any info on lands, or any maps for the matter. Does anyone knows were can I find the material I'm missing?

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    You can check these links. Complete map of Birthright (sketch):

    Detailed maps of the different Birthright regions:



    Edit: just in case, they come from this thread ->
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    You can also go to Paizo and sign up an account there (free to do). Then you can buy pdf's of various products for US$4 each - a very cheap way to get a copy of the entire original boxed set.

    Not as good as having the real thing of course, but may be something you might be interested in.

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    There's a lot of info on the lands and people on this website's wiki. Here:

    The information from official sources is being adopted with characters stats converted to 3.5 edition. The lands and people not detailed in official sources are being made up by the fans in a manner very consistent with the canon.

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    Thank you all very much!

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