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    Ring of Human Influence


    El-Sirad has a Ring of Human Influence. It no longer exists in 3rd edition and I don't have the old 2nd edition DM guide to tell me what the ring used to do. Can anyone help me with this?

    I can remember that it used to set your Charisma to 18, but that is all I can remember. I am assuming there is some sort of charm person involved.

    What would be a good equivalent?

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    To quote the AD&D II DMG:
    Ring of Human Influence: This ring has the effect of raising the wearer's Charisma to
    18 on encounter reactions with humans and humanoids. The wearer can make a
    suggestion to any human or humanoid (saving throw applies). The wearer can also charm
    up to 21 levels/Hit Dice of human/humanoids (saving throws apply) just as if he were
    using the wizard spell, charm person. The two latter uses of the ring are applicable but
    once per day. Suggestion or charm has an initiative penalty of +3.

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    Thanks Sorontar!

    What would be the closest we could make a ring like that? I am thinking ...

    +4 to all charisma based skills when dealing with humans and humanoids
    Charm Person 1/day
    Suggestion 1/day


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    That sounds sensible, though the +4 should be a circumstance bonus and the spells would be versus human(oid)s only.

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    I think they never included it in the first place because they thought it was Overpowered for the game and the direction they wanted to take it. AD&D 2nd Edition was more dramatically based. It had a lot of options specifically for roleplaying. I.e. the ring of human influence.
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    Yeah I can remember that item being pretty powerful. I also do think it could make sense in a Birthright setting as a unique fairly powerful item.

    "El-Sirad's Influence"
    "Human Influence"
    "The Friendship Band"

    I agree that the spells should only influence humans and humanoids. Charm person only effects humanoids anyway but I would have to add it a disclaimer for suggestion.

    Thanks for the help guys. I am having fun with El-Sirad and is a fun distraction to the player ruling Khourane.


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    el-Hadid also has a Ring of Human Influence. It is even more powerful in Birthright where most living beings are Humanoids.

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