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    Beginner Guildleader needs help

    Hi there.

    This is my first post here so be nice

    We have just started to play, my friend is playing the "new" regent of Aerenwe, and i play the new leader of Spider River Traders,

    I have a strong major bloodpower ( 28 )
    any suggestions what i should aim for,, all hints are welcome.

    Traderoutes that generate great GB ?
    well if u iut there and u have experience of this i would love to hear..

    / Angel

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    Good luck being a guilder based in Aerenwe.

    The entire basis of the realm is that of preservation of the old forest - hence no ruling up of province levels So there are not a lot of guild opportunities there.

    You need to spread out into the Imperial City or establish some sea trade routes out of the ports.
    Duane Eggert

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    thanks alot,

    will look into it,
    all advice is welcome,

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    try expanding into chimaeron, the islands (albiele, caelcorwynn), hunting pirates, making the seas safer for the whole empire together with the eastern temple, colonizing the islands, creating a spy network in Osoerde, Roesone, Ghoere to keep an eye on your Duchess's rivals... lots of things to do for guilders. if you're evil, which is unlikely with you playing the spider river traders, you could try to capture some of you rivals in the south, they are supposed to be your enemies anyway

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    An obvious option is to collaborate with the other PC in forging links with allied realms. Aerenwe has some quite high-level provinces, which make it an attractive partner for trade. Links to Ilien (the second highest province in Anuire) and Roesone might make sense, to strengthen the existing amicable bonds.

    One to the Imperial City would be the most profitable, but every regent with an interest in trade wants to link to the level 10 province, so there tends to be a great deal of competition (not to mention meddling from the competing powers with law holdings there).... One to Endier might also be feasible, but could carry political repercussions - Ghoere often responds badly to anything that seems to suggest that its neighbours are forging new friendships.

    A link to Ghoere would of course be possible, but might provide the Baron with a hold over you (and perhaps Aerenwe, depending on how supportive of you the other PC might be) in the event of conflict between the Barony and the other realms of the Southern coast.

    Aerenwean regents also often get involved in Osoerde. It's not profitable in the short term, but if either Raenech or Moergen wind up indebted to you for securing control of the Duchy....

    Further afield, there are quite a few ports that could be good to trade with, but your DM might not entirely thank you for bringing a load of extra realms into the game by trying to link to every single port in Anuire.

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    In scheming to grow your power compared to other merchants, don't forget the most important person in any realm - the ruler. Regular bribes, loans and gifts will keep them sweet as will information on troop build-up's, requests for loans from other regents, etc. But don't forget - they need you to build the realms industry for they cannot both do that and rule their realm - never allow yourself to be dominated or taken for granted, you are a ruler just as they, with your own plans and needs.

    When negotiating, never make great sweeping concessions - give a little slowly and always in return for a concession in return, always suggest that you have been beaten down to the minimum, offer unwanted alternatives to show willingness to negotiate and deter aggression.

    When expanding into other realms check their tax rates - earning another 5 GB is pointless if you pay as much in taxes, smaller holdings in more reasonable realms may be more productive - and show the grasping fool the folly of high taxation!

    Cultivate reasonable rulers and invest heavily in their realms - it shows them the value of making your work profitable and strengthens their realm, whilst proving to their neighbours their comparative folly.

    Consider deals with competitors - a monopoly is magnificent, but a cartel is still far superior to competition - nothing saps resources like a bidding war for influence or trade routes.

    Aggressive rulers tend to have unhappy guilders as well as nervous neighbours. Make a friend of the guilder, you won't gain their guild holdings while the war-monger defends them, so you lose nothing by having your ruler promise them that they can keep their guilds and enjoy lower taxes if they betray the warmongerer - but your ruler will thank you for depriving the warmonger of an ally and making the ruler's conquest easer

    Consider making an alliance with your local wizard - they have regency, magic, and a desperate need for gold. You have gold by the sackful - and giving it all to the ruler is simply a waste - 80% of a return comes for 20% of the effort in almost any field, and 5 Gb a turn to a wizard will win near absolute loyalty if not even vassalage - and likely be more than the ruler is prepared to pay! Remember that wizards can use alchemy - that means they see 4 RP as 1GB - offer them 2 or 3 to one instead and you can both come out ahead.

    The local priest is more of a threat, they are also wealthy and thus have little need for you - but you are a rival for the ruler's ear and thus an opponent regardless of your intentions. Although everyone complains when the guilds stitch up the continents trade, it is considered quite morally acceptable if the temples do likewise - this favouratism stretches across the board with many rulers acting as though somehow priests are more moral than guilders and more to be respected and paid heed to. Expect to be distrusted for doing the pragmatic thing rather than lauded and priests to be foremost in the slurs that will be levied on you.

    Watch wars amongst neighbours - mercenaries can be hired rapidly if the need is intense or summoned by a wizard ally, taking over a 'buffer' realm of 2-3 provinces from an exhausted realm has benefits too numerous to mention albeit with attendant risks - you may wish a puppet ruler for your new realm to distract attention and provide a respectable veneer for your activity.

    Remember that you are mobile to a greater extent than any other regent - look for areas with few guilds, or guilds that oppose the ruler, and start branching out with a franchise or two. The wider spread your net, the more efficient your spies and the less vulnerable your holdings to a single war or mad ruler.

    And talk, talk talk! Speak out with advice, encouragement and other support for everyone possible - friends often give freely far more than they would ever trade for a far smaller outlay of effort. Take a lead, personal action costs the guild little but wins great favour from those aided - and being the first to win information means you can trade it to many. Avoid insults - they gain nothing but enemies when cast, but even amongst allies tar you with the brush by which you paint. Avoid those who cast about seeking conflict, they will inevitably be their own undoing and need no help from you in their defeat. Give support to those in need - a little aid when weak is often remembered when they have grown strong and you in turn need their aid.

    Hmm, dropping the guilder hat...

    In some games there are strong negative consequences for martial law and a massacre to clear out non-landed regents, in others there is nothing - find out which you are in and plan accordingly, nothing eradicates profits like excessive taxes and forced loans aside from a ruler slaughtering everyone in sight - if there are no consequences to pillaging you need to spread out at the first time of aggression from the ruler and keep large reserves to permit rebuilding a domain in a more welcoming realm. Realise that some players are in it 'to win' not 'to play a role' - they may happily take huge risks confident that if they lose they can just walk away while if they win they win big, roleplayers will value you for the interest you bring to the game - roll players only for what they can gain by you, identify the players and play accordingly.

    So have fun, talk on the boards - the more in character the better, it's where the real fun is and your diplomatic influence is limited only by your enthusiasm and engagement - not your domain's treasury.

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    I want to thank you all for the advice you have given me.. now i have alot of insperation ond future plans for the future

    so nice to have some input from more experienced players/DMs then me. i im a real beginner in the world of Birthright.. i love it though.

    one more time, thank you all for your time and input.

    // Angeleus

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