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    Using the domain rules in other settings

    I was wondering if anyone has used the domain rules for Birthright on other settings? I would have put this somewhere else, but couldn't find just a general forum.

    I used to run a Darksun Campaign that used BR domain rules, which resulted in great fun. It mainly centered around merc armies, but still a blast.

    I am taking over an alternate Forgotten Realms campaign (it wasn't my choice just some new members who needed something generic to cut their teeth on, but now they are ready for more... which is where I come in ). The premise is during the Time of Troubles, Ao ended up killing all the gods. However the bodies of the gods (and items) still held power that could bequeath power to mortals. The churches took possession of said bodies. Now mainly the churches hold power and it is assigned through a religious hierarchy, but also a situation where corruption is widespread, etc. Paladins aren't necessarily the holy crusaders, they may just be the son of a wealthy man with nothing better to do.

    Anyhow, it has resulted in a lot of intrigue. I wanted players who are nearing 10th to build organizations of their own, mercenary companies, spy organizations, etc...

    I have only made a map with resources, etc.. for Silver Marches (where the players are from). Has anyone done this before and would be willing to share other resource maps?

    I know this is a BR forum, but I couldn't figure out anywhere else to ask. Thanks for the help. If such a post is completely unacceptable, please go ahead and delete it.
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    Its not uncommon for BR folks to use the domain system in other settings or their own setting. I set up England and France in BR terms to play a Hundred Years War style game, but I never actually ran it for players, just play tested it a little myself. Its largest consequence was thinking about kings or emperors who might rule over a collection of realms as constituted in BR, as well as smaller nobles who might controls a single province or smaller.

    So your post is well suited to the board. Its also in the right place. The royal library is the general interest area.

    I hope others who have tried the BR rules in other settings, like FR, as you mentioned, stop by and offer their experiences.

    Welcome to the boards.

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