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    On another site, , I have a BirthRight game running in 3rd edition using Travis Doom's Conversion 4.0 or something like that.

    I love BirthRight and I think Travis did a good conversion, though I am always looking at other rules.

    Well thet game has a party of adventurers that are currently in the process of clearing out a Goblin invasion from the former Domain of Medeore. They swarmed the Domain and took it out in a very short battle. The Spider was the mastermind behind this conquest.

    The party consist of a Female Elf (Currently Playerless, though that should be rememdied soon), a Awnsheghlin that looks like a very large Gnoll-like creature, another Awnsheghlien that is made of shadowmatter, a cleric, Ranger, Guilder plus several others that work well together.

    The group is currently in the Shadow World. The Shadowmatter Awnsheglien has gotten himself lost in the dark land. The others are talking with the Fey Queen (Queen Mauve in my game). They are trying to cure one of the PC's of a strange sickness that has her unable to awaken (Which is an extremem problem as she is an elf).

    I am in need of some more plots though. If anyone could give me some ideas or if anyone here would like to participate in the adventure. I am currently not using the Domain rules, though they may come into play at some point if the PC's survive the adventure.
    "The Light Grows Dim, Darkness seeps in the cracks."

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    Oops, I forgot to post the name of the game I am running for anyone that is looking for in on The Game is called BirthRight: Kingdom of Despair.

    Anyone that is interested in welcome to message me.

    And now I am off to actually contribute to this forum, in case there is a fluff or spamminf rule.
    "The Light Grows Dim, Darkness seeps in the cracks."

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