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    My collection of BR stuff is missing the expansion on khinasi lands (Citadels of the Sun?) and the players have decided to visit Zikala. To help me maintain consistency with published information, would one of you kind gentlemen be willing to paraphrase what is said about Zikala the realm and the Zikalan church.

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    Here's what the BoP has to say on the Zikalan Temple of Avani:
    "[...]Chief among these opponents of the Great Temple is the Zikalan Temple of Avani. Exalted High Priestess Shandare (FKh; Pr9, Avani; Ba, major, 39; LN) believes Khinasi to be the only civilized culture in Cerilia. Her sect sees the Vos and Rjurik as mere barbarians, the Brechts concerned only with money, and the Anuireans past their socio-economic prime. Only the Khinasi, Shandare believes, look beyond the day-to-day in order to concern themselves with art, literature, religion, philosophy, and other fields of learning. The mark of a great culture, she claims, lies in what it can discover of and leave for its world. Raiding for women and cattle, grubbing for coins, or fighting incessantly for petty land holdings are beneath the enlightened.

    Shandare's critics suggest that she does not see Khinasi peasants and merchants "grubbing for coins", and point out that she herself "fights incessantly" to extend her influence over other lands. Her perceptions (or lack thereof) color her religious attitudes. While not precisely racist in her views, Shandare believes that the suggestion that Avani shares her divine grace with those not prepared to receive it is contemptible."

    Later it also quotes:

    "The Zikalan Temple of Avani has created its own army of devoted warriors. The Legions of the Blessed Warriors of the Sun serves as the Zikalan Temple's warrior arm. As aggressive and devoted to their interpretations of their goddess as is the temple hierarchy itself, the Legion is a dangerous weapon in Shandare's arsenal, and will likely figure prominently in her expansion plans."

    Lastly, I don't have my Khinasi book here(loaned it to a friend), however here is what I can make out by memory:

    The ruler is Omar el-Zisef, a minor mage(level 3-6??), who roughly owns half the source and law holdings in the realm. The other sources are owned by his uncle Jayim el-Zisef, who is relatively more powerful than Omar(level 10+ iirc) and who is constantly plotting to take the throne for himself. The other half of the law holdings are in the hand of the Zikalan Temple, and given its fanatic nature and the near-total religious control of the realm(except a temple(2) of Nesirie in Zikala iirc), Shandare is calling the tune and Omar is learning to dance, though he is reluctant to do so.

    The law is split mostly as follows:
    Shandare has near total control in Turin and the Westernmost provinces, with half the control in the capital. Omar has half in the capital, and near total control in the easternmost provinces.


    Two guilds control the trade in Zikala. The dominant one is the Extraordinary Traders of Turin, who holds most of the guilds in Turin and the Westernmost provinces, with half in Zikala(sounds familiar?). The other is the Gold Coast Coaster, based in Ariya, whose regent gives open treasury to the Prince of Ariya, whom Shandare despises utherly.

    Could someone who has access to his Khinasi book complete the Zikalan bio? I definitely know it might be good to say a little more of the ruler and the important NPCs of the realm(general, court priestess), but I don't recall the exact details out of hand.
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