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    When I see a province with two numbers [for example, a 7/0 province or a 5/2 province], what do these numbers mean? A size seven province?

    Incidentally, since I can't get the Birthright boxed set, if there is a province with a huge number of people but only villages and small towns, what kind of province level would that be? I mean to say does a province of a certain level have to have a certain number of people, a settlement of a certain size, etc. ?

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    The number to the left of the slash is the current province level. This is a reflection of the overall population levels, prosperity, economy, etc. The number to the right of the slash is the the maximum source potential for the realm. Source potential refers to the maximum level of a wizard's (or wizards') sources within the realm. The maximum source potential is based on the Terrain Type:

    Plains, Hills, Tundra, Marsh, Moor 5
    Forest, Mountain, River, Coast 7
    Swamp 8
    High Mountains, Ancient Forest 9

    The maximum Source potential is reduced by 1 per level of the province. (i.e. A level 3 Province in a plains terrain has a source potential of 2.) The reduction in the Source level as the province level increases reflects the damage done to the land and the remove of the natural pools in which mebhaighl (the magical essence that flows in Cerilia) collects. If the level 3 province increases to a level 4 the Souce level is reduced to 1.

    Province level is not based on the organization of villages/towns in a province, but simply the population level. The following is a link to my website. From there you can get to a population level breakdown table (from the main page go to General/Optional Rules --> Population Levels)

    This table has also been published in a text version in the writer’s guild:

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