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    Well irdeggman was around at the time I wasn't so I may be being panglossian, the difference of opinion (my fix is your bug) is probably why only chapters 1 and 2 were ever agreed...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vicente View Post
    irdeggman, your explanation and AndrewTall explanation about the points I remarked from the BRCS 3e Conversion clash completely. And I think his post explains much better what happened on those three examples (adding/explaining a rule, going against a rule and making a rule optional). Maybe the three of them were mistakes as you say, feel free to post links who talk about that subject and support the mistake argument.

    When the BRCS finally got finished only Travis (Doom) and I were left.

    He did most of the work, except for Chapter 2 and 8 and was "rushed" by pressures of the general site fans. He left active status on the site shortly afterwards (something about his wife giving birth to his son and he wanted to be a good Dad - how dare he let his personal life get in the way ; ) )

    There was quite a lot of pseudo-name calling going about and acusations of "secrecy" and the like.

    A simple "search" will show quite a lot fo the subsequent discussions - with may pertaining to "suggested errata" and question.

    I don't have the time to go through the search process - you will have to trust me on that since I participated in most of those discussions.

    There are quite a number of different old threads on the subjects of things missing and things that conflicted with the 2nd ed material.
    Duane Eggert

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    Then I stand corrected on this subject. While I find surprising you planned to add the virtual guild thing I'll take your word for it

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