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    Awn/ehr-sheghs and templates

    I'm want to design the stats for various awnies (and one or two "ehries") in my Pbem, but I must ask the following. As the "0-level" for the monster class, an awn/ehrshegh can gain a type (or sub-type). Can they also gain templates at their 0-level? For example, the Bruin might be a werebear or dire werebear.

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    Templates normally have a level or CR adjustment; if so, I would think they would necessarily apply as levels.

    I personally think that the rules in BRCS are a bit restrictive for transformations. I tend to think they should be quicker and more significant at lower levels--not requiring one to be in the teens of levels just to have a few of the monster levels that aid their transformation.

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    I agree about the adjustments for NPCs.

    For example, the Bruin might originally have been a 6th-level ranger. Let’s assume he gains two ehrshegh levels, and the 0-level of ehrshegh grants the (natural) werebear template. The class levels and template modifier would make him a CR 11 opponent (8 for class levels, +3 for template).

    If the Bruin in the example above then became a player character, I’d probably require that the ECL modifier for the werebear template doesn’t count towards the PC’s ECL, at least for wealth. Why? Because he;d have too much equipment.

    Similarly, Ghuralli might have acquire the half-golem template (updated to 3.5, and also so that he gains improved mental stats, per his background)- +3 CR- and 6 awnshegh levels, amongst the abilities he gains 4 monster HD as the 5th-level monster class ability. Orogs have a base CR of 2. If he has, say, 6 levels of wizard or marshal- for purposes of this example- those levels are non-associated. This would leave a total CR of 14 (orog 2, template +3, six awnshegh levels +6, six non-associated levels +3).

    If templates couldn’t be added, then maybe for Ghuralli a different approach would be to treat him as an iron golem base (perhaps with the living construct sub-type from MM3), with various awnshegh class levels and the other non-associated class levels.

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    Well, I think the ehr/awnshegh progressions are intended for NPCs, so it makes the balance issue less of a problem, but I think I'd agree with you that perhaps the transformation could be faster.

    That said, the three progressions I have here on the wiki (the Ogre Mage, the Panther and the Mind Flayer/Illithid) all follow the BRCS rules.

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