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    Pbem adventure system

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    I still need to add detailed descriptions for the rewards section as well as clean up the formatting of the tables (especially the second one) Also would like to get around to providing examples for how the system works.

    Any help getting formatting working, questions about the system or feedback would also be greatly appreciated.
    -AxeMurder |-}

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    I tweaked the layout a little - spaced it to reduce eyestrain, indented, added the house rule banner and some categories. Hopefully ok.

    I think that the maths would be the same if you made the roll:
    d20 roll + leader level + No. lieutenants - 10 + 2 per successful challenge VS adventure DC.

    Less than zero would then be a failure, a pass would be a minor success, over 6 would be a major success. Possibly you could also add 1 per RP spent as an additional modifier and subtract RP spent by hostile regents.

    The D6 roll adds complexity, as does the differing success table. One possible alternative is that you apply a modifier to each positive or negative effect, the outcome of the test above would then be the total of the effects. For example a trivial effect could cost 1, a minor effect 3, a major effect 6, a great effect +10. Then a success of 8 would mean that you could get a great benefit and two trivial penalties; or a great benefit, a trivial benefit, and a minor penalty. That would reduce the table size, and let people who need to get a 'great benefit' pay for the poor roll with added suffering to balance up the cost.

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    Hey Andrew, thanks for help in getting the page set up. I hope to get more details for the rewards and some examples (and some general cleanup) of it either tonight or tomorrow night.

    The rewards are designed to be those extras you get as part of an adventure. If your adventure is recover the Banner of Rhoele then succeeding at the adventure would let you find it while a great success might also tell you about a previously unknown power it had or perhaps capture the bad guy who had it rather then just driving him off.

    I want to keep RP expenditure out of this system although I could easily see a similar variant where RP is spent. My players frequently use Adventure to go take care of problems personally when they don't have the domain resources to do it themselves.

    I also keep a pile of Adventure Hooks around for my players to go take care of if they want some action but aren't sure what to do. Also they help me turn minor issues into domain level problems without them coming completely out of left field.

    some examples:

    Watery Cave(3): Lizardmen in Ilien have grown much bolder as of late. Find out why and put them back in their place.

    Secret of the Silver Mines(3): Brenlie has been mined for many years leaving many abandoned mines as well as fresh ones. Recent divinations have shown a new silver vein at the bottom of a previously abandoned mine. Rights to this claim have long since died out but the ghouls and ghosts that live there now make it not exactly empty.

    Bandit Hunting(3): Residing in the hills of Bellam these occasional bandits don't cause too much trouble, but that doesn't mean they won't soon

    Ransack/Recover the Elven Cache's in the Erebannien(4): Mostly driven out of their homeland the Elves of the Erebannien have left many treasures behind. Who will be the first to recover them?

    Paradise Lost(4): South and west of Mieres lie The Wastes of Aduria, a barren monster infested land. Rumours of a tribe of Nomads living by an Oasis to the west of Mieres who sell exotic Adurian goods and perhaps even magic items...

    (getting a bit off topic here but I felt like sharing)
    -AxeMurder |-}

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