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    How Subversion works?

    I was curious about people's opinions on the details of how subversion works.

    In addition to the RP and GB cost to cast subversion do you have to pay the cost to take the action. Also can you then spend Regency on the action to improve it's chances of success?
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    You know when ..

    You know you aren't playing enough Birthright when ....
    you see this topic and you think someone needs help with their "Subversion" revision control software.

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    I think now the appropriate question is which makes you more of a geek, thinking the topic refers to a computer program or knowing instantly what it's actually referring to?

    Considering that the magic works through a subtle campaign of suggestion to get people to take an action on their own as if the regent had commanded it, I think the money comes out of the regent's treasury (likely pissing them off--one danger of casting the spell), but cannot benefit from any extra RP.

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    me and my friends had this same debate. We agreed that if you do an action like contest a holding the owner of the holding pays the gold bar and you can spend regency as normal. I'm not sure if that how it works but thats how we have been using it.

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    Casting Time
    Realm spells are a form of ritual magic. The preparations are lengthy and involved; the spellcaster must spend a domain action (one full month) engaged in the rituals necessary to cast the realm spell. Casting a realm spell leaves the regent spellcaster physically exhausted. The spellcaster is fatigued (-2 to Strength, -2 to Dexterity, can't charge or run) for the entire month. A realm spell will automatically fail if the caster leaves the province, engages in any other time consuming activity, or is reduced to less than 25% of his normal hit point total during the casting period.

    My guess is the caster does a combo of Scrye and Suggestion to key people in the realm over the course of the month to disrupt the flow of things and stir up strife. Any resources used would come from the coffers of the holdings' actual owner and be subject to the limits there of. Pushing things to extreme or unrealistic orders would make things harder on the difficulty. The fact that it's only 1 action makes it tougher to abuse too greatly. And if the action is too out of character it will almost guarantee the target will come looking for the true source.
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