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Thread: Kninasi Marines

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    Kninasi Marines

    Just wondering if the stats for Khinasi Marines(and other marines in general) as they are written up in the rulebook reflect their +2 to attack and defense at sea or if the +2 bonus should be added during the sea battle?

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    The +2 isn't included. You can build up the troops using the army unit charts.

    They are based on Infantry which gives them a .5 GB cost
    They have light armor with adds another .5 GB.
    They are veteran so that adds another +2 GB cost.
    Marine adds +1 GB cost. It add +2 attack and Def ship to ship.

    Now it does seems marines are pretty tough when looking at Brecht or Khinasi units. I think because listed Marines are considered veteran which makes then pretty good. Couple funny things on there. Infantry have no missile value so veteran infantry shouldn't have any missile either (Example is Anuirean Elite Infantry.)

    Standard marines should be

    Unit Marine
    Melee +4, Missile 0, Def +12, Hits 2, Mv 2, Morale +4, Cost 3 GB (Marine)

    Veteran Marine Unit
    Melee +6, Missile 0, Def +12, Hits 3, Mv 3, Morale +6, Cost 4 GB (Marine)

    Now if you want to match the Marine Unit in the rule book then you would have to add special training to get the +2 missile which would add another
    +1 GB making their costs 5 GB. Which would make the unit line up better with others of Khinasi units.

    I actually enjoy the Anuirean marine better. More bang for the gold bar. You lose morale but gain the missle attack. They also lose the bonus vs. melee and pikes. Evens out pretty nicely.

    Elite Unit Marine (Anuirean) (Lt Irr)
    Melee +6, Missile +4, Def +12, Hits 3, MV 3, Morale +4, Cost 4 GB

    I would also base the standard pirate crew on Irregular (Tough)(Marine)
    Melee +4, Missile +2, Def +10, Hits 3, Mv 2, Morale +4, Cost 3.5 GB

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