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    But the illusion is even less of a change that the poly, temporary though it may be. Do not at least some of the awnies long for their human FORM, as to prove to themselves and others that they are not the corrupt creatures they have becomes.

    To me an awnie may TRICK others into believing n his normality with an illusion, but he does not trick himself.
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    There are two issues at work here, one is the game related issue of what powers a certain character may have, and the role playing issue of what powers a character wants to have.

    There is then the related question of what personal motivations a character has. I tend to see characters as the sum of their politics. A well developed character from my pov has a very well articulated politics, with nuance to distinguish his views from his allies or similar positions. Person information is mere ornamentation. As such, a character's political and ideological stance is often planned out well in advance, while their personality gets developed incidentally over time.

    As such, whether the Gorgon longs to be human is not the kind of thing I am sometimes even aware of. An essay on whether the Gorgon is a tyrant or a despot is something I could produce with a model contrasting the two in an afternoon. I've frequently written entire speeches for NPC's, presented off-camera as handouts, to exposit their politics. Just as often I never even think about a character as a person. I've played with plenty of people who see the character as a stat block, or an assembly of skills. Until I begin to play a character (key advisors, main rivals) I generally see characters as ideological constructs, wh become fleshed out characters during play. Hjalmar Helder or Bain Earthkore as key advisors, and Olfjor Ylvarrik and Wulfram Wainier as adversarial magnates, eventually became people with quirks and hobbies, and personalities. I figure my ratio of agenda to fully realized people is about 10:1.

    Thinking about what a character's self-deceptions are, their anxieties, their secret personal aspirations can only come for me after I play the character a little while. Considering that the Gorgon might want to trick himself about his abominable nature is something that would not have occurred to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Knight View Post
    To me an awnie may TRICK others into believing n his normality with an illusion, but he does not trick himself.
    It could however be quite fascinating for the reverse to be true - even partially so. A awnsheghlien 'king' who normally sees himself as an attractive upright knight, even with a coterie of equally deluded followers - could be interesting to play in the game if to all 'non believers' the king was seen for his true abominable nature. I can see this working with the hag - she and her charmed followers really do see her as a beautiful young woman, whilst 'minions' and other inferiors see her for what she really is - but are too afraid to tell. (Incidentally, how does a psychotic awnie who kills all children in her province/realm rule over a level 2 population? Surely they can't all be charmed?) Another possibility may be the vampire or the chimera in her elven form (have a lovely time until you accidentally remind her of what she is...)

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