Greetings! I am Ahem eban Lahaem eban Muhammed eban Aalkbaer eban Avani, Threw my many travels i have ran across many version of many prayer books of the gods. i will try to translate all forms in to basarji or anuirean, but in some cases the most common name of the god could be inserted for ease of use! Here is a taste of what is to come even though my publisher in Ber Daairas has voiced his opion against this, what does he know of true faith he is a Brecht ( there word is no good i have know to many brechts) and what do brechts think about what is good for the people after there bottom line has been met.

Book of Sera Chapter 4 Verse 19

Whoa be your luck bad, now that our brothers/sisters have passed to the great counting house, may there markers be measured. May their dealings be fruitfall. May Sera see these things and let them pass the great pay station.

the cleric or paladin can then put 2 coins on the eyes then they family if brechts will preform the right of pilfering. then you may bury, burn or heave it as per your situation and weather.

thank you for your time and may avani's light shine upon your face without blinding you!

Ahem eban Avani