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    Running Sub domains

    Has any one modified the Birthright domain action system to be used on a smaller level. Or has any one developed a system for running a game which revolved around one province or city. I was looking for a domain style system for holding too small to be domains. I was curious if any one had tried anything like this before.

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    I run my game at the sub-domain level. Players might be provincial counts (or "bishop" of a province, I don't use the term, but the idea, guild leader of a province), officers in a proper main domain, or even smaller nobles holding estates below the domain system.

    In the 3.5 system, you have good rules for organizations. I simply assume that each holding in a domain is an organization, and that a domain is a collection of these organizations, called holdings.

    So let's take a small domain, like King Varri of Stjordvik. He has 3 law holdings and 2 guild holdings, both in Ustkjuvil. Varri's Chamberlain is supposed to have a crystal ball, so I've seen him as a spymaster. So one could take either a guild or law holding and make it into an organization with the specific purpose of spying for Hjalmar. Another law holding might be a government organization run by the captain of Hollingholmen to protect the city and keep the peace. Another law holding might be represented by provincial sheriffs, the provincial judge, or anything along those lines. I'd make the sheriff or judge (each would be their own holding unless they really work together) the leader of a small organization dedicated to the purposes of the leader, and make the leader a devoted follower of King Varri.

    A PC could represent a single holding either by himself or as part of a ruler's domain, and run that organization like the organizations described in the current 3.5 materials.

    What I normally do for NPC groups is to detail the leader, identify their cohorts and followers, and then build the organization as well.

    Two of these detailed on the wiki include the Stjordvik chamberlain's court and one of Eorl Olfjor's law holdings.

    There are nice rules for the interaction of these kinds of organizations so that I can say that Olfjor's law holding has Capital: 11 Violence: +4 Espionage: +2 Negotiation:+2. If this organization was fighting another organization, say one of Storm Holtson's holdings, I would use these interaction rules. The guild holding would probably be similar, except that it would have a Violence +2 and an Espionage +4. If it had a lot more capital, it might be more powerful.

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