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    Free Harnic Christmas adventure on RPGNOW

    Hi folks,
    I don't want to be accused of spamming but wanted to pass along the below (Geldeheim would fit nicely in a Rjurik type campaign):

    “Harnic Christmas”, a free 8 page adventure download from Comlumbia Games is now available at: or

    The Story: An elderly Jarin toymaker from Leriel comes to Geldeheim, carrying sacks of toys which he hopes to take aboard ship to Thay and sell. The party helps him to realize that he will not get to Thay before spring, and maybe not at all. King Alegar has imposed "temporary" punitive taxes on Jarin goods in harsh reprisal for a recent brawl. The old toymaker decides to give all his toys away to local children, rather than surrender them to King Alegar's thugs.

    Any party can handle this adventure, although there is some need for stealth, and an understanding of the local political situation. Player and GM Maps as well as details about the residents of Geldeheim are on pages 5-8.

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    This is not Birthright-related but is at least a RPG product so I figured the ad would be ok. If anyone is offended by the lack of moderation of the ad let me/another moderator know and we'll stomp it.

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    Thanks Andrew.

    I ran a longtime Brithright campaign once and used the free Harn material at to help fill in the gaps. I felt others might find it helpful.

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