On BRnet we use software that is used under licenses (vBulletin, vbwiki-pro)

In about a week the vBulletin license will expire.
Unfortunately we'll have to renew the licenses in order to keep the software running.
The last couple of times a select group of people donated a bit to keep BRnet alive.

If you feel like contributing to the license, use the paypal address listed here: http://www.birthright.net/brwiki/ind...i:Site_support

Flip, the owner of the server where BRnet is hosted on recently had to renew the server hardware. He payed for this out of his own pocket. If you feel to contribute a bit to him in means of thanks, use the same paypal address and ill make sure he gets it

sum of the current expenses:

$30.00 Owned License Renewal
Purchasing this will renew your owned license. Doing so will extend your members' area access for 1 year, allowing you to download the latest versions of vBulletin.

1 x vbWiki Pro License (VBWP-LICENSE) $45.00
vbWiki Pro, membership expires on Mar 21, 2008.