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Thread: Skirmish rules?

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    Skirmish rules?

    The way I see medieval warfare, most engagement should only involve a tiny part of the army (the main reasons being to make logistics easier, and to avoid puting all your eggs in the same basket, and because feudal levies are a little unreliable).
    The problem is that neither the warcards nor D20 rules are designed to resolve raiding and skirmishes involving only 20-100 men.
    Concerning raids, I guess it should be easy to design an abstract system that would take into account the distance to target province, the garrison and fortifications in the province, the number of soldiers involved, and the warcraft skills, but shirmishes sounds trickier to me.

    Which system (houserules or wargamey skirmish rules) would be best suited to resolve skirmishes?

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    There are basic skirmish rules in the BR rulebook.

    There are also war expansions, such as Cry Havoc and Heroes of Battle that help you handle skirmishes.

    My own Skirmish rules are here:

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    thank you for your skirmish rules. Your unit counters are awesome.

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