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    Court Actions

    Question: when your character is the regent of multiple domains, does each domain get its own court? For example, Suris Enlien is the recognized head of state for the realm of Medoere and is also the archpriestess of Ruornil's Celestial Spell. The Player's Secrets of Medoere states that RCS has a court in the province of Alamier and Medoere's secular court is in Braeme. But this is the only example I can find of one regent having multiple courts.

    Wouldn't Guilder Kalien realistically have one court for crown law and a second 'court' (perhaps in the form of a factor's office or what have you) for his mercantile enterprises?

    For the campaign I am currently running, I am leaning toward making a ruling that each organization has its own court but limiting the actions of such courts depending on the type of orginization. An eccleastical court could possibly assist in the research of a new priestly realm spell or it could be used to upgrade a Domain Action to a Realm Action if that action is related to it in some manner but it would not be able to be used to build a road or a shipyard (unless it was a temple of Saramie or Neserie, I suppose).

    Anyway, I just wanted to find out if there was an official rule regarding this topic. And of course opinions are always welcome.

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    Guilder Kalien has a Court 6 at Caer Endier, his level 6 castle/palace in Endier. While I suppose that his level 6 guild there might also have its own boardroom and suchlike (as would any independent guilder), I would go with the ideaof one unified court, even if the courtiers and functionaries change depending on which power centre you're currently located in.

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    You can not be the regent of multiple domains.

    Your domain consists of your holdings (which may be of multiple types - like most landed regents are also Law regents too).

    The social and political powerbase of which the character is head. The sum total of all provinces, holdings, and domain assets that belong to a regent. A domain that includes provinces also referred to as a realm.

    If you went (via house-rule) to have different courts for each type of holding then you would rapidly incur tremendous maintenance costs since each court would have it's own cost instead of one unified court.
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    I figure that a large court has multiple power centres anyway. Think of the 3 musketeers where both king and queen had power centres.

    I'd figure that the court actions represent the focus of the month rather than the usual activity of the staff so wouldn't see a problem with them doing all law actions one month and all guild (say) another - the court is still just processing the ruler's orders, etc and distributing them to the right minions.

    If you have law court deals with law holdings, guild court with guild holdings etc a ruler has to re-balance the respective court sizes constantly - and it would be possible to get vast numbers of court actions by having multiple courts - albeit at a very high cost.

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