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    Legion of Undead

    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewTall View Post
    My only gripe with using more powerful undead is that they tend to be free-willed to a degree, making them very hard to control in numbers. [...] From a practical viewpoint the summoner of the undead would surely prefer loyal - if mindless - cannon fodder rather than armies that might decide to butcher the local population the summoner intends to rule.
    My reply is that one should not play with fire if one does not intend to get burned. Just opening up a portal to the SW and summoning little rabbit skeletons and zombies is after all still opening up a portal to the SW and summoning therefrom. There is plenty of suggestion that these acts alone make the barrier between the SW and the Daylight World more permiable. I just can't get away from the notion that if you play with fire, you have to be prepared to get burned.

    Any regent who thinks that using an army of corpses in an anticeptic way as just a few extra troops is using a foul and malevolent force. There is a price, indeed there was a whole chapter on the price in the old 2nd edition Necromancer Handbook. Most of this is convieniently carried forward as Taint. Places can be tainted, people can be tainted, and there is plenty of description of the SW as functioning this way.

    If a round subsequent to the summoning of an Undead Legion showed a random event, I would almost certainly give it a SW spin, based on the "playing with fire" principle.

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    Indeed, my point being though that the greater the summoning surely the greater the risk. One of two bands of skeletons might be 'reasonably safe' but a dozen of the legions you noted which include ghouls and the like?

    Upping the chance of the random event based on the number of units summoned sounds fair. Actually a mechanic to tie any realm magic to frequency of supernatural events seems reasonable - draining the mebhaighl from the land must have some consequences beyond personal expenditure of RP and GB...

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