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    Lycanthropy and blood?

    One of the things I've always liked about BR and Cerilia was the limit on monsters that appear here, brand-new things don't just pop out of thin air when the DM buys a new book (and yes, I had this idea back in 2nd ed., too). The flip side of that, is when the DM sees a shiny new critter, he can slip in one as an awnshegh.

    Currently, I'm musing about lycanthropes, seawolves in particular. Since the curse is magical in nature, and we know that scions are a bit magical in nature, has anyone thought about lycanthropy being a scion-only curse? I suppose the same would go for vampirism, too.

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    You are making assumptions here: vampires are undead, lycanthropes have a supernatural disease; neither has anything to do with the whole "scion" thing, nor is there any allusion to that effect, and I don't think either are "new critters" on Cerilia - if anything, they might just be rare. :/

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    In a message dated 7/10/2007 11:23:29 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
    brnetboard@BIRTHRIGHT.NET writes:

    RaspK_FOG wrote:
    You are making assumptions here: vampires are undead, lycanthropes have a
    supernatural disease; neither has anything to do with the whole "scion" thing,
    nor is there any allusion to that effect, and I don`t think either are "new
    critters" on Cerilia - if anything, they might just be rare. :/

    No, I apparently explained myself poorly. There are no allusions, but there
    are no denials, either. I was suggesting that maybe lycanthropy is a
    supernatural disease that *could be* blood-linked, or perhaps more powerful in

    As for vampirism, has anyone dealt with the possibility of more than one
    vampire, or is there just the one? If there are others, what happens when
    they drain a scion-- do they become blooded? If so, there ought to be
    evidence of this. I`m inclined to state, IMC, that there is only the one.


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    Well, You could say that only blooded characters can be True Lycanthropes, others can only be Afflicted Lycanthropes...

    And in regard of Vampires, well You can say that they retain any blood abilities if any, but bloodline strength drops with time, and when they drink blood of a Scion they can boost their bloodline potential or even use blood powers of their victims like their own...
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    This from the wiki and the 3.5 rules adaption. Specificly it refers to the "Beastmen" of Aduria, but at the tail end it mentions this about Lycanthropes.

    "Many believe that the curse of lycanthropy is also one of Azrai's legacies to mankind; a dark gift intended to strengthen the ranks of his followers."

    It appears that perhaps Lycanthropy predates the blooding from the gods sacrificing themselves. At least imho.
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    One other way about introducing vampires/lycanthropes is to have the Vampire occasionally create minor vampires, a Were-wolf awnshegh create lycanthropes etc just as the gorgon and hydra makes lesser versions of themselves.

    Offspring, surviving victims, either works...

    It's a good way of having small clumps of monsters, although you can have a 'lesser' vampire who fled as far from his master as possible if you want one somewhere else...

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    Or who is on a mission of some kind, even if its just to harvest bloodlines or cause mayhem. But more sinister plans are good too (especially for minions of the Vampire) such as recovering lost items of power, setting up holdings, pitting two realms against one another, driving a relam into chaos, or serving some other malevolent purpose.

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    Lycanthropic Bloodline

    This is a topic I've been pondering myself of late. I'm in the process of expanding and converting to 3E BR the Ravenloft domain of Vorostokov and there the domain lord is a werewolf (lupe de noir) who controls many of his lycanthropic subjects.

    I thought that this would be a neat bloodline ability, though I have yet to work out exactly how its done. Has anyone created a lycanthrope bloodline ability? I would love to take a look at the ideas if so.

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    At 08:15 PM 7/10/2007, Satchkep45 wrote:

    >Has anyone created a lycanthrope bloodline ability? I would love to
    >take a look at the ideas if so.

    I haven`t created a lycanthrope blood ability per se, but I have
    something that kinda sorta might work for this purpose.

    Before I get to it, though, I should note that there are a few
    interesting relationships between certain things like lycanthopy,
    vampirism and bloodline: namely blood. There`s nothing I can think
    of that would indicate a scion`s divine blood should protect him from
    either the "disease" or the "curse" (if you will) and, in fact, I
    could make a pretty good argument that scions would be more
    vulnerable than commoners. After all, isn`t their blood by nature
    more "absorbent" than a typical mortal? Given the supernatural
    aspects of both the disease and the curse, the transformative effects
    of awn/ersheghlien changes, and that the blood of scions might be
    more attractive to those inclined to feed on them it seems like
    scions are apt if not vulnerable. One could argue that the divine
    blood protects the scion from such trivialities as diseases and
    curses (albeit supernatural ones) but its just as easy to see it the other way.

    That said, a lycanthrope blood ability should take one very important
    thing into account: awn-/ersheghlien are not typical, D&D
    representatives of their namesake. THE Vampire is not A vampire in
    the normal D&D game mechanical sense. Nor is he, in fact, really a
    vampire in the way that vampires are undead. Death generally ends
    bloodline. The Vampire is a vampire-like human whose transformation
    into a thematically similar totemic monster is facilitated by his
    divine heritage. He`s certainly more similar to a vampire than, say,
    Rogr Aglondier, but the differences between the Vampire and one
    actually cursed with vampirism are significant in both kith and
    kind. My point is that a scion who became THE Werewolf would not be
    a werewolf in the same sense that the Vampire isn`t a vampire, the
    Gorgon isn`t a gorgon and the Spider isn`t a spider.

    So. If I were to make The Werewolf as an awnshegh (and I did once,
    as a matter fact--it was the first PC that anyone playtested with the
    awn-/ershegh character class) what I would do is generate his
    transformation into a man-wolf using standardized rules. Then I
    would apply the following sequence of abilities to him:

    Unshegh 1: You are able to temporarily shrug off the effects of your
    awnshegh transformation, returning to your unaltered base
    form. Taking on your base form requires a full round action and a
    successful Will save (DC 10 + awnshegh level.) You remain in your
    non-transformed shape for 1 minute per wisdom point. While in your
    base form you retain your hp, BAB and saves from levels taken in the
    awnshegh character class, but lose any effects from transformations,
    disadvantages and bonus BP. You may voluntarily return to your
    "normal" awnshegh form at any time, but the change requires a full
    round action. Returning to your awnshegh form at the end of the
    transformation`s duration also is a full round action.

    Unshegh 2: You get a +5 bonus to your Will save to return to human
    form, and the effects of a successful will save is increased to ten
    minutes per wisdom point.

    Unshegh 3: You get an additional +5 bonus to your will save and
    increases the time that you remain in your base form to 1 hour per
    wisdom point.

    Unshegh 4+: Taking the Unshegh transformation a fourth time (or more)
    continues to give you +5 on your will save, but does not increase the
    time that you remain in your base form.

    Unshegh 5+: Your transformation between your awnshegh form and base
    form becomes a free action.

    I use a character class to portray awn-/ersheghlien transformation,
    so a few of the things in there might need to change (particularly
    the way to compute the saving throw DC) if you are going to use another system.

    Using such a system, The Werewolf becomes an awnshegh who can
    temporarily take on his mortal form rather than an werewolf whose
    disease determines the nature of his change. The character would
    likely have a set of werewolf-like disadvantages and advantages
    (vulnerability to silver, a bite, damage resistence, etc.)

    The thematic point being that it might be possible for an awnshegh`s
    transformation to be temporarily shrugged off, but where The Werewolf
    is a man-beast who can temporarily take human form a werewolf is a
    human who can take on a bestial one.

    Hope that helps,

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    I would be curious to see if anyone has some thoughts on what would happen if a awnshegh swallowed a blooded scion whole... Lets say the Leviathan chomps someone whole ... etc.

    I think that they would probably be entitled to a pretty high blood transfer. -
    Or if a Blooded/awnshegh Wampire drained a blooded scion dry.

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