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    I found an interesting PBEM tool

    I was setting up one of my computers for my kids today and found a old PBEM tool named BIRmail its an old jar progam ... It has editable maps does turns and taxes has a dice program and allows manual input. the data base has complete holdings and npcs for all realms. One problem I dont know where it came from so im iffy about posting it on the downloads I looked threw old links and havent came across it. should i add what I could find of it to the downloads section.

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    Rjurik Winds is run on birmail and the system seems to be going ok - DM is cyrano24100. It's 2e not BRCS though.

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    Sourceforge address

    Birmail is on SourceForge at . I haven't tested it.


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    Birmail was developed originally by Mark to run a game of birthright for his local university community online. It is primarily used by the LeBR community and is being used in the fourth itteration of LeBR -- which has been running continuously (or near continuously) in 2e since the mid 1990s...

    Current website: httP://

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