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Thread: Law Holdings

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    Law Holdings

    Can these still be used to oppose or support any domain action in the province? Or only any actions that include law holdings?

    In addition, other holdings of the same type as your active holding can support or oppose your action. Using holdings to oppose or support another regent's actions is not a domain action. Allied holdings of the same type provide a bonus equal to their level. Opposed holdings of the same type provide a penalty equal to their level. Holdings of different types cannot add or subtract their level to your check. Any applicable regent may order such support or opposition once he is aware of the action. Support from holding level is highly visible, all regents (and residents) of the area will be aware of the regent's support, opposition, or apathy regarding the action.
    This seems to suggest Law holdings can only affect actions where law holdings are concerned.

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    Never mind, I found the info. It is described in every separate domain action if law holdings can oppose/help or not.

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    It might help if such information was in a summary, i.e. a table of domain actions stating if RP can be spent to boost success, GB can be spent, law holdings influence, relevant skill, whether court/domain/etc action, etc.

    Anyone care to volunteer?

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