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    Discussion thread for Category:Heraldry. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.

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    If I'm not mistaken, I've gotten provincial arms for Medoere, Roesone, Aerenwe, Endier, Ilien, Ghoere, Talinie, Stjordvik, and Danigau up. There are a few stray provinces done elsewhere.

    Clicking on the link will show the whole armorial for Cerilia, such as it is at present.

    I am accustomed to producing arms by request, so any arms you've used for a realm, or provinces, or nobles can appear in the wiki. I'm particularly interested in ideas from people who ran campiagns around a realm or domain, and would have ideas. Characters could also have arms.

    You can see each realm's arms individually by looking at Categoryomain:Aerenwe or whatever realm interest you. I check each realm to make sure there is a variety of colors and charges, and some realms have thematic choices. For instance, Talinie.

    I also have produced regional armorials on maps, another check for a pleasing distribution of colors and charges.

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