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    Should True Bloodlines get unique powers/regular powers faster?

    The thread titles self explanatory... and while there are no current rules for True bloodlines, they ARE possible, and I was wondering if those lucky few who get them should perhaps have access to special True powers... or perhaps gain regular powers at an increased rate... because as it is a True Blooded with a score of 42 has the exact same powers as a Great Blooded with a score of 42... and that seems off to me.

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    The issue is that no 'true' powers are included in the BRCS (or original Bt setting). Just as a major bloodline grants power to major powers and a great bloodline to great powers, the extra 'oomph' from a true bloodline should be in the strength of the powers - not the number of them.

    Looking at the various awnies you can make some of their awnie powers true bloodline powers without changing things too much - so Rhoubhe's ability to sense anyone entering his realm could be a true bloodline power, long life at true strength could give immortality, invulnerability could be split with the current version the true version and a weaker power at great level, etc.

    The issue would be balance at low levels. One way around that is to say that it takes a third level of the scion class to make full use of the true bloodline and that you can only take a scion level every 5th character level - at L15 it would take quite a strong power to be unbalancing.

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    In my campaign Scions have 5 levels template rather than BRCS 3 level one. And 5th level Scion is for True Bloodline.
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    I always thought that a True bloodline should requirea third scion level. It would certainly make sense to turn a few of Rhuobhe's or the Gorgon's unique powers into True abilities.

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    Yeah, I was going with the 3rd level for a true blooded scion, though not staggering it at every 5th level... thus you wouldnt be able to get true blood powers for awhile, at least.
    In addition, said powers would still require a pretty high blood score... near 30's or 40;s... staggered like the great powers are compare to major and minor.
    And maybe they just need to be upgraded great powers... not sure yet. Like some of the ideas thrown out already though

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