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    Njalgrim's doom (version by: Kgauck)

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    I've finally finished running this extended version of Njalgrim's Doom. It took about 6 weeks, since our group alternates between Birthright and a strictly homebrew run by another DM. All in all it was about 6 hours long.

    Our first session got us up across the Hjarring river from Kolding, near Hollingholmen.

    The second session included two battles with Blood Skull scouting parties, including an ambush which the party failed to spot several times.

    The third session involved the battle at the Aegilsgaard’s winter camp and the final battle with Hruthwulf for the sword at the burial mounds. I changed the sword from a timeavril weapon to a weapon of legacy because I don't use blood silver, and I like legacy weapons rather than adding more magic to the party every time they turn around.

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