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    Blank domain maps?

    Someone put 3 maps up for download that were just black and white province borders for vosgaard, brechtur and anuire. Does anyone have the ones for rjurik and khinasi? I used to have all 5 on my computer a really long time ago, but I've since lost everything. I've looked and looked and looked throughout the internet but can't seem to find them. Nor do I remember where I originally got them from. Can anyone help?

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    I'll echo this request!
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    I managed to find one of all cerilia. The provinces are all colored in (looks like a record of someone's campaign) and some roads are drawn in. Also has what appear to be castles and something else marked. I don't agree with the road placements, but at the very least it gives you something to go from.
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    I think that Kay is working on a full map of Cerilia - she has certainly done the Rjurik Highlands (and it looks great). Its colour though with terrain details and the like, not just black and white province borders.

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