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    Loyal alliance in Anuire?

    I noticed that most of the alliance in Anuire aren't so genuine.
    Brosengae plots against liege lord Avanil,Thaegas is little more loyal than Brosengae but because the count is interested in magic and neglect politic.
    Talinie on the paper is allied with Boeruine....but Boeruine is only a bully and want to conquer Talinie!
    Roeseone alliances are active only because Medoere fears Diemed...
    So which alliance in Anuire is genuine?

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    States form alliances out of interests, not out of loyalty. If two states were to always share the same interests, then they could, presumably, be loyal allies.

    Avanil seeks the Iron Throne. Why is in the interets of Brosengae that he should recieve it? Why is it in the interests of Brosengae that Avanil gain any power at all?

    Thaegas has an interst in Avanil. The Prince allows him to have the sources in Avanil in exchange for the Prince having the state of Thaegas for his own purposes. For thr most part, Thaegas sees this as a useful exchange.

    Boeruine has his own designs on the Iron Throne. Of what benefit is this end or the struggles to obtain it to Talinie?

    Any who imagines an ally to be genuine is either in a very special condition, or is deluding himself.

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    Wink Honour to the Alliance


    is this PC game or pen and paper? In the PC game you only need "a handful of trade routes" and could make the elves of Thuarhievel become vassal to or liege lord of Thurazor.

    Elves united with goblins against the Gorgon onslaught.

    Endier is another realm with high (survival) interest in allies. Especially if the players are smart enough to make Endier, Diemed, Medhoere and Rhoesone knock Spiderfell out of the war very early.

    Makes sense, takes away a threat from all of them.

    In general realm/personal interest versus needs against the Gorgon (or poor AI) is the core problem of alliances in the PC game. My opinion.

    Otherwise it depends on the game master or mistress and then, you only need their answer?

    Best regards

    post skriptum

    Another point where knowing "Crusader Kings" with the crucial 1.05 patch from MAY be a very inspiring reminder (not copy).

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