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    Question Virtual Tabletop -- Any recommendations?


    On the topic of PBeM + Adventuring; I got some feedback from players that runing on a Instant Messenger conference was fine but;
    1. The dice rolling was hectic (you can fake's dice rolls by clicking the back button and getting a new roll)
    2. Can't archive the conversation (clipboards don't take three hours worth of IM conversation)

    So some options that I saw were:
    - OpenRPG (FREE, Java, all players/gm need to set-up on thie machine)
    - Fantasy Grounds ($100+ all in, BEAUTIFUL, allows for floating licenses)
    - Klooge ($100 all in, Nice, lots of features, allows floating licences)
    - Battlegrounds ($100 all in, looks impressive)
    - ScreenMonkey ($40, SIMPLE, only DM needs the software - players are web-based)

    >> Did anyone know of any other?

    To me it looked like the pricy ones had similar pricing and comparable feature list. I had some issues getting OpenRPG working (Pithon issue), so I'm tempted to actually shell out some cash and go cheap to get ScreenMonkey.

    >> Anyone have any experience using any of the above?

    I'd like my gave to focus on the realm-level stuff, but still have adventures to be able to interweave politics, and get players to get socially acquainted/involved. If the Virtual tabletop is going to hurt (too complex/bulky/buggy) then it's really not acomplishing the goals. I'd go back to Instant Messenging Conference -- who cares if people cheat on their rolls: I always liked to cheat on my rolls!

    Dude! No way, not a "19", let me re-roll that, I need 18 or less to survive the fall.. you can't make me die! PLEASE let me re-roll!

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    Arrow OK, I got Screenmonkey try out My Virtual Tabletop!

    OK, I finally went ahead and got Screenmonkey.
    I spent most of the day getting things skinned.

    Try it out by entering my test:

    Use any player Name, and the password is winds
    Go in and post me a quick hello!

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    Thumbs down Secundary Hint?


    in case you like inspiration about feudal realms, playing "Crusader Kings" with the crucial 1.05 patch from might really be worth it.

    While it is no Birthright clone, it gives a heavy impression on what it takes to be a minimum of ruler, too. As written, this is not really what you asked for, sorry.

    I would ask those Warhammer Battle experts on sources, software and resources. They are in that kind of game for plenty of years.

    Bets regards


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    Haven't used them at all myself. I have friends that swear by fantasy grounds, but the price is a little steep.

    I like free, i would try that first, and see if it does the job, if not, then step it up.
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    Wink Surprising arcana

    Greetings once more,

    if you are the patient type, try what I do: Search those who made their own software solutions for their own home- or fanpages.

    Yesterday I "invited" somebody who made a Java Birthright character editor. Sadly the maker did not know the rules PDF we have here. It works, yet does not suffice to Birthright as we know it.

    There where Bloodbowl and Warhammer (that is tabletop, among others) freewares or sharewares in the past.

    Otherwise, befriend a "real" programmer, not someone who knows some stuff but cannot program a single animated orc or elf???

    I wish you success on your "quest" for creativity.

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