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    What's there to see and do in the Caelcorwynn island? My players want to travel there and I have no idea what's in the island (or at least can't find any pointers on the core books...).

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    i think, this link will help you.

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    evilRafael wrote:

    >What`s there to see and do in the Caelcorwynn island? My players
    >want to travel there and I have no idea what`s in the island (or at
    >least can`t find any pointers on the core books...).

    There`s nothing "official" about the island, really. There have
    been, however, some contributions by the user community that are
    really interesting and if not used for that particular island could
    be employed elsewhere, so they are worth checking out regardless of
    which one you decide upon, or if you do something else entirely. In
    addition to the more recent one posted by FallenPaladin, here are a
    couple more links to threads that had some interesting ideas about Caelcorwynn:

    "The Island of Caelcorwynn" thread proposes a new awnshegh, which is
    a method I always approve of for any particular of the BR setting:

    Laerme_phoenix has proposed that the island be named after the Cael
    family whose demesne it has become in:

    You have to look for it down the post a bit, but I really like the
    idea that an "Alternative High Mage Aelies" has something to do with
    that island. (After all, what`s an immortal half-elf wizard of high
    level to do if not have his own island?)

    If none of those strike your fancy, you could always have it
    inhabited by an evil sorceress....


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    These ideas actually help a lot, thanks!

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