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    Contested bloodline check

    What does a contested bloodline check consist in ? (BRCS-playtest p38 - Bloodline usurpation)

    Which modifier do we use ?

    What is the DC ?

    How does it work ?

    I can't find the description of such a test in the rules.

    Thanks for your answers.

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    Make sure you swap out the sanctioned vesions of Chap 1 and Chap 2 with those in the playtest document.

    This won't awnser your question though since the same text is in the sanctioned version.

    A "contested" check is the same as an "opposed" check. So use the same mechanic. The "victim" makes a bloodline check roll and the "slayer" makes one too (apply all the appropriate modifiers per the situation that is at hand). The highest "wins".

    No set DC since it is harder to resist against a "stronger" bloodline.
    Duane Eggert

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