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    Golem mage, can it be done/how can it be done...

    Hello everyone at, long time since i was here last, but we are starting a birthright campaign up again so i came here for the newest chapteres in the playtest draft... and ohh i am very excited to play it again

    Our gaming group contains 3 playres and a GM (im a player)... let me first tell who we are gonna play, so you have abit of information on what i talk about.

    Player 1: is going to play el hadid, before start he as killed roger from illien and banished his daighter from the province... he is the new ruler if illien now, but since his daughter was high priestest of nesserie (sorry i spell like crap and dont have my books whit me so i can look names up :-( sorry) the church has contested and destroyed all his sea trade rutes... well dont know if there is more to say abit him, he has his own troubbles :-)

    Player 2: ghore is dead (well he was an old man) so a lutenant (the player) steped up and took over the land and law... The guild in ghore whitdrawn from his vassalism (or whats its called) so now he is on his own to finance his big army... and if his neighbours sees him as weak they will try to go after easy land graps. The temples in ghore is on the edge of a temple war and he has to choce a side, hard choice, downsides whit both.

    Player 3 (me): Harald Khorien from Taeghas. I have been toying whit the idea of switching him out what a mage there focused on golems, as far as i know, no mage in the world having that as a flavor. But how can it be done, well i guess i can allways train some special troops and call them golems. But i looking for more than that, i think i can convince my dm to let me have a golem bodyguard instead of the standart chort of 20+ warriors. allso i would like to convert some realm spells, like instead in summon an leagion of undeads i may be able to summon/encharnt some golem units insted, but how to convert sutch a spell i would not know how to do it so it still will be balanced, hehe i have a tendency to make my stuff overpowered because i want everything... hehe well at least i am honest about it
    i allso have a second spell in mind i want to hear your opinion on... well its based on a spell i have seen on a fansite for 2nd ed. but the spell seemed way overpowered to me, so maybe we could make a toned down version of it... what it did was it created a permernant unit for a high price whits costed no maintaince... you have probarly seen it? well... even if its way overpowerd i like the idea of the spell... but you have to be carefull when creating somthing permernant, because it can get very powerfull in the long run... so here is my try, be welcome to laugh at me if i am overpowering it allso... this spell creates a powerfull golem unit (stats not that important, we can play whit that later) req source: 6 GB: 10 (could vary depening on the strenght of the unint, maybe make it = muster cost) regency: 10. every unit has an upkeep of 3 which you can pay both whit gb or regency...or a combination. then you can put them in an inactive mode so they dont can do anything at all and dont cost maintaince... then in time of war you could activate them by paying the upkeep cost and they fight for you untill slain or put into stasis again.
    How does that sound to you all? i like it, but maybe its still overpowered... do you have any sugestions?

    Anything else i could do to get a golem mage flavour? in birghtright flavour is everything imho

    Well have a nice day everyone.
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    Well, it's an interesting thing that we had run across during a session of play ourselves. There was a bit of war brewing and we needed to pressure the other side into backing off, or else it'd be too big a bloodbath to be acceptable.

    If I am not mistaken, a Source regent with a sufficiently large Source-holding can emulate a guild holding with it, which enables him to raise troops.
    If the only thing you're worried about is cosmetics, something would be able to be discussed with your DM.
    We had raised a unit of scouts, but instead of a 200-head unit, it was a 20-head unit of golemlike creatures, resembling that rock-beast from Galaxy Quest (if you know the movie).
    As a unit, it wasn't a bit stronger than the name-equivalent one. It just looked more powerful and ferocious.
    We had ruled that units like these had an additional cost in regency upkeep every season next to its monetary value.

    So, if you want golems, and all you really want is flavor, get a source holding high enough to raise units from, and just make them look like golems. You're going to need a lot of backup to prevent everyone from attacking you if magic happens to be a distrusted force in your setting...

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