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    I'm looking for Bebris and BebrisBold fonts.
    have you some advices?

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    At 03:54 PM 9/28/2006, andreazoc wrote:

    >I`m looking for Bebris and BebrisBold fonts.
    >have you some advices?

    Bad news. It`s not free. Apparently, the Bebris font was a clone of
    a copyrighted font called "Democratica". The people who own that
    font (a company called Emigre) want a bunch of money to download it
    (at least, $39 is a lot of money in my world for a font--but then,
    just about any amount of money more than a postage stamp is a lot of
    money in my world for a font....) and are pretty active in enforcing
    their control of their intellectual property (an oxymoronic,
    delusional human legalistic concept if there ever was one, but c`est
    la court) so if you do pay for it I don`t know how they feel about
    you actually using it in works that you distribute. I`m sure you can
    find that out, though, if you`re willing to pay for it.

    Here`s a link to the site that has the font:

    Back when the Democratica font was cloned as the Bebris font I had a
    copy of it and used it for all my BR materials--but that was before I
    knew the guys who owned it were so anal... and then the PC I used
    crashed without the font backed up. Oh, well. Now I use the Book
    Antiqua font for BR titles, headers, etc. and that works just as
    well, even if it does seem a little unauthentic to me....

    Best of luck,

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