Hey, guys. I`m trying to work some with some stuff here, and I was
wondering if you could help me out. I need some new perspectives from
actual play with other gaming groups out there.

I would like information about the most recent Diplomacy action that
your gaming group resolved. (Preferrably for face-to-face play, but
PbeM are okay, too. Just specify.)

What was the diplomacy action used to resolve? That is, what was the
player trying to do?
Who proposed the action?
How did the roll go? At what point were the dice rolled? Was thier
RP bidding, negotiation, etc.?
What was the final result? Who described the final result -- the
player or the GM?
Were all players satisfied with the result?
What was the dialogue like between the players and/or GM?

As much detail as you could provide would be very helpful. Thanks, in
advance. It`ll help a lot.

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