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    Chap 5,6 & etc- alternative Cost/Maintanance denominatio...

    At 09:39 AM 9/12/2006, you wrote:

    ><< Redefine the GB. Instead of having a GB be roughly 2000, make it roughly
    > Then, why not 2400? Makes those 24ths easier to figure.
    > Or I like the suggestion of the 1/24th having its own name. "Talent"
    >comes to mind, or "shilling" or something. If coins are supposed to
    >be about 50
    >to the pound, then 24 is a half-pound (more or less), so a "half-pound?"

    When it comes to domain a level monetary system, I think the best way
    of handling it is to do the decimal thing that 3e uses and to include
    two "new" units. The "gold mark" (and noted in lower case "gm" so as
    to differentiate it from Game Master while keeping with the lower
    case notation of coins) should be worth 100gp. The Gold Bar (GB)
    should be worth 1,000gp. Lastly the Gold Tonne (GT) is
    10,000gp. That way a realm`s treasury can be noted right down to the
    "penny" as it were using a single decimal number using whatever
    symbol one wants for the denomination:


    8.364295GT = 836.4295gm = 83,642.95gp, etc.


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    Or, to make it more conversion friendly:

    1 GT = 10 GB = 100 gm = 1.000 pp = 10.000 gp = 100.000 sp = 1.000.000 cp
    1/1.000 GT = 1/100 GB = 1/10 gm = 1 pp = 10 gp = 100 sp = 1.000 cp

    The funny things about this is that I always considered coinage as follows:
    1. copper pieces: pence
    2. silver pieces: shillings
    3. gold pieces: pounds
    4. platinum pieces: crowns
    What's even more improbably is that a shilling has 12 pence, and a pound has 20 shillings, which means a pound has 240 pence!

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