Rich Baker's 126 page adventure Red Hand of Doom seems to me to be highly adaptable to the BR setting. I'd like to see further discussion of adaptations of this adventure to BR here. Of course any such discussion of a published adventure must include spoilers, and so I would recommend not reading this thread if you might play this adventure.

The basics of the adventure are easy enough to spot. A horde of goblins invade human realms, and the heros must aid in the defense of the place. Two aspects raise some problems, but I think both can be resolved with a little creativity. One is the question of dragons, a hatchery, and other draconic activity. Depending on dragon use in your campaign, this might fit right in or might need some adjustment. The other is standard D&D cosmological issues of summoning creatures from outer planes, &c. I am satisfied that with adjustments to who is summoned, all such summoning comes from the Shadow World. Along the same lines is the similar adjustment of D&D divinities to BR ones.

Overall, I think this adventure could take place almost anywhere, although putting the home base of the enemy in an established awnshegh or goblin realm makes conversion easier. This adventure could easily describe an invasion out of the Spiderfell (substitute the Spider for the High Wyrmlord Azarr Kul) into any adjacent realm, a Gorgon invasion (in which case I would have Azarr Kul become a general of the Gorgon), a Giantdowns conquest bid by Ghuralli, or my favorite, a mighty push by the Blood Skull Barony against the realm where action has been centered. By swapping goblins for lizardmen, you could put this adventure in the Harrowmarsh and use the Hydra as the adventure's ultimate enemy. So forth and so on, across Cerilia. Finally, with a little preperation over a year or two of game play, dropping hints and news items, you could have the horde emerge from mountains or other rough spots anywhere on the map.

As with any conversion, you have to decide who's blooded, what their derivations are and the strength of their bloodline.

Depending on the desired effect, the area represented in the published materials could be converted to one province, two, or three.

For those who have the adventure, or have already used it in Cerilia, where would you locate it, how would you use it, and how would you convert the elements from the published version to the BR setting?

Kenneth Gauck