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2nd edition lead to divine ascension once you received your bloodscore. It was divine and inate.

BRCS, you need to learn to harnass and funnel that divine state.

Big difference in the setting. 2nd edition leads itself to farm boy ascending to King. BRCS leads itself to groomed heir ascends to King.
I wouldn't actually agree that any of the above (while quite correct) is part of the setting. There is a definite mechanical difference (in BRCS you have to rise in level to fully tap your powers), but what does "level" mean in setting terms? The closest analogue is simply "power" - and in both cases, a "regent with powerful blood abilities" is still "powerful" by the nebulous in-game use of the phrase.

Remember also that NPCs don't have to play by the same rules. If it suits a DM to have an NPC suddenly get the full benefit of his new investiture (adding as many levels as necessary), then so be it. Game balance only applies to PCs.

Indeed, from the perspective of the setting, there really aren't any NPCs in 2nd edition that are low level and yet have great bloodlines. The fact that it was possible to do this as a PC can be viewed as a flaw in the rules rather than a feature, and that the BRCS "patch" fixes things to better reflect the intention of the setting.

Naturally that's a subjective opinion, but it seems to be a valid position to hold.