View Poll Results: What experience do you have with the Birthright setting?

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  • None. I have never played any Birthright game nor read any books before the BRCS-playtest

    7 10.45%
  • Played the PC game: The Gorgan's Alliance

    27 40.30%
  • Read the novels (some or all)

    29 43.28%
  • Played 2nd ed version of Birthright (i.e., original setting rules)

    57 85.07%
  • Abstain

    1 1.49%
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    How much experience in Birthright?

    I figured that it would be a good idea to get a grasp on where people's personal history is with the setting/game.

    You can make more than one choice - so pick all that apply.
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    I bought the boxed set the day it came out ( I had it on order) Read every book and own 2 copies now of every thing tsr put out for Birthright. Including all the unpublished stuff. I love Birthright.
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    I had the setting the day before it was supposed to go
    on sale...bought it at a store in Radford VA.

    The longest running campaign I played was from the
    beginning that lasted nearly three years. In it we
    had seven different monarchs I think...and two Dungeon
    Masters to run it all. We used the Chainmail System
    for our battles because we also had lots of historical
    miniatures...had a really great time in that one.

    I played Talinie and used a Paladin as a Regent. I
    quickly conquered the petty kingdom of Thurazor...the
    goblins just couldn`t stand against Longbowmen and
    Knights. Of course, they also couldn`t stand against
    a larger army...I nearly bankrupt Talinie in that war.
    Horrified, the DMs massed a huge army in the Five
    Peaks to attack my rear, but that ended badly for them
    and I stalemated the incursion while I settled the
    lands of Thurazor (the Goblins were driven into the
    Five Peaks...or else cut down as they tried to stop my
    armies). By game end, my Paladin was killed by the
    Manslayer when I answered the call of my Lord who was
    being raided by the Dark Elf.

    I`ve played several other campaigns over the years,
    always in 2nd Edition Rules.

    Anthony Edwards

    --- irdeggman <brnetboard@BIRTHRIGHT.NET> wrote:

    > I figured that it would be a good idea to get a
    > grasp on where people`s personal history is with the
    > setting/game.

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    My first BR character was a minor southern regent (can't remember which realm) who proved to be utterly useless as a ruler. On the other hand, he never lost a battle. He rapidly ran his realm bankrupt, and was forced to sell it to a distant relative with Kahlien's backing. He then made a career as a general, and was appointed ruler over several vassal states during the years. He always ran the coffers dry fielding more armies.

    It ended up with him being appointed Lord Protector of Anuire by his Liege, who by then had claimed the Iron Throne.


    Now I don't own a single BR suplement, what I have, I have [cough]dl'ed[/cough]. I left the AD&D system about ten years ago, and have never looked back. Birthright was still one of my favourite settings, so I was extatic when I found this pearl of a site. I don't think I said this before, but those of you who work an toil to convert and improve the setting, thanks. Thanks a whole lot.

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    I have the dubious distinction of being the first to admit to being a newbie. I am currently in my third play by e-mail game of the BRCS playtest doc, the first two of which collaped. The first was due to poor DMing, (he refused to read the rulebook, and frequently made contradictory rulings to different players) and the seocnd collapsed under the weight of too many house rules.

    Since then I have been determined to find out as much as possible about the "real" rules of the game, to ensure that this current game continues without a simlar collapse.

    All three games have taken place in custom settings, away from cerelia.

    Before all of these, I briefly participated in a weekly tabletop birthright game that used the AD&D rules, but again, the setting was custom and there were so many house rules it was not really birthright. That game was a success, however, though perhaps not from the point of view of my realm.

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    I voted "played 2nd edition", but I must qualify my response here. The poll questions are set up to imply that this means I have great familiarity with the setting; this isn't really the case.

    My group's general use of any published setting - FR, Eberron, BR, Dark Sun, Spelljammer, or whatever - is to use the rules, pick up anything we think is nice about the setting, and ruthlessly prune/ignore the rest. I've never read anything beyond what comes in the boxed set (and even then I've only read Atlas of Cerilia once, several years ago).

    Unfortunately there didn't seem to be a more appropriate place for me to vote; I hope this doesn't skew your results too much.

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    I was originally in a campaign of the 2nd edition Birthright setting that lasted four years. This first campaign was a mutilated version of the information found in the box set. After this campaign ended I DMed a campaign that was much more loyal to the original setting and it lasted another three years.

    With the advent of 3rd edition and the loss of further Birthright material my group abandoned it in favor of more updated settings, though my interest in Birthright remained. I enjoy low-magic settings and a more political atmosphere in my campaigns.

    I'm hoping with the abundance of 3rd edition material I may start a campaign in the near future.

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    Had the box when it came out in my hands, but we chose for Mystara.. after a couple of weeks i did buy the BR box and was sold to the setting... and after that i aquired everything that came out

    i have tried to run a few campaigns, but eventually some players didnt like the setting (yup, the two powerplayers) so we switched back to a somewhat mix between planescape/weel of time
    as for now... havnt played DnD in almost 1.5 years... the whole group got addicted to World of Warcraft
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    Alas... that is the trouble with the youth of today. Since the introduction of computer/video games I have found fewer people willing to play RPG's at all.

    I purchased the boxed set back when it first hit the shelves. I bought nearly every BR product produced after that (minus the Domain Secrets items).

    Our BR campaigns tended towards adventuring rather that domain play.

    Currently I've also been picking up products from the Conan RPG put out by Mongoose. It uses a fairly decent combat system that I want to apply to our next BR campaign session... whenever we get the opportunity that is...

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    Most of our group have played WoW to the point of getting sick of it (one guy still plays it a lot, and another plays on occasion - I cancelled my account months ago with no regrets).

    Even at its height, though, it didn't replace roleplaying. In fact, it really does increase my appreciation of tabletop gaming when you see just how fundamentally bad computers are at it. I'm not saying WoW isn't fun - no regrets, remember? - but it doesn't offer a roleplaying experience. Playing WoW is akin to playing Diablo 2, except that the world is persistent.

    Diablo 2 is a fun game as well, but it's no substitute for even a fairly poor RPG session. We had far more problems when the Magic the Gathering craze hit a few years back than we did with WoW.

    The consolation is this: roleplaying is one of those hobbies where you can still feel like you're participating even when you're not actively gaming. There's new rulesbooks to buy and read, there's message forums to post on, there's magazines to subscribe to. If your players are typical, then WoW will not hold their attention forever. This craze, like all others, must pass.

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