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    HELP Duriene of Taeghas/Iron Throne

    We are starting up a game set immediately after Roele's death and Iron Throne and some other things are the informational sources. There's seems to be a problem with the timeline in it.

    Devan/Davan Duriene, ruler of Taeghas, is said by Michael Roele in his forgiveness speech (where he pardons Derwyn Boeruine after slaying Derwyn's father Arwyn since as Michael says, Derwyn wasn't the traitor) to have two sons, 6 and 10. Only about a paragraph later he states that he will betrothe his sister Rhiannon to Devan/Davan, Lord of Taeghas. If Rhiannon is the mother of those children it seems they were born about 11 years too soon(?). Is there anything I'm missing or a timeline ANYWHERE that might provide an alternate to Iron Throne for comparison?

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    Wow...everyone here is just spectacularly helpful.

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    Try this link to a timeline that we got from Rich Baker.

    It is in the Lost Files.

    I'm not certain that will help you much though. You seem to be wanting some way to create an alternate version of past history.
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    I think he is less attempting to create an alternate history and more attempting to clarify.

    To the OP, the way I see it, Devan could have had a wife with whom he fathered his two sons, and then said wife could have been killed. Michael may have married his sister off to Devan, who would have been a widow, as part of the peace making process.

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