Does anyone have, or would anyone be interested in, a somewhat comprehensive list of Prestige Classes, and their application to BR? I made one a long time ago, but I stopped updating it when I began running a campaign-- didn't want many mid-game changes. That game is winding down, and I want to start laying groundwork for the next one (happy players wanting more are the best ego stroke!!).
I seem to be one of the DMs who likes BR for its small nature (only these monsters/classes, and no more; only the SW to go to, and so on). Thus, I make lists like these. I intend to include all the "complete" hardback books, and any others that I own/can borrow easily, including Dragon magazine.
This will not be a wide-open approval list. In my last iteration of this list, not quite a third of the classes were approved by me, more than a third were rejected, and the remainder were reserved for NPCs or for future consideration. I hope to push a few towards NPC/monster races, too.