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    Very much a newbie, but inspired to play

    Hello all,

    I only just joined, and I joined because I want to get into some PBEM/PBPost gaming, particularly in Birthright. I was introduced to it a while back, but unfortunately the game folded before it got very far (DMs computer crashed on him!). But what I saw of Birthright was really cool, and I'd love to get more involved.

    I do have a background in AD&D but haven't been involved for quite some time. So I guess I am a complete newbie at this sort of thing, and am looking for some advice with regards to what happens now? Who should I speak to and how can I get playing?

    Cheers to all.

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    Hi and welcome.

    Birthright is pridominantly a Pen&Paper Roleplaying game. In case your are
    interested in the RPG Stuff, take a look at the download section:

    Birthright has also a big PBEM community, take a look at:
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    Thanks Azrai - that gives me a good starting point.


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