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    Cool Input on new PBeM


    I've been an avid fan of Birthright for many years, as many have. I'm looking for an active PBeM to participate in, or possibly a small group of people perhaps interested in starting a new one...

    Comments & suggestions welcomed.

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    Try Rebels and Tyrants, it is a small game just getting into Turn 5.

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    Well, turn 6. Turn 5 just came back to us players.

    Not a lot of spots left open, but there are a couple.

    Warning: this is a rules light game, based on 2E. It isn't for everyone, and a few players quit after round 1 because of this. The rules have been simplified to make it easier on the DMs.

    For instance, my character sheet has the following information:
    Bloodline derivation
    Bloodline score

    That's it. No feats, no NWPs, nothing else. Just this.

    Adventure actions have very little affect on domain events. DM will allow actions to fail if it isn't in the best interests of the game, or out of reasonable for the particular domain. IE, no mages having other holdings; no law holders having guilds when there is already an official guild.

    But on the positive side, turns are fast, fast, fast. Typically about 10 days from return to next submission due date. We've only slipped once so far.

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