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    Quote Originally Posted by Fizz
    Well that's the thing. Birthright was designed / written for 2nd ed AD&D, and in that system druids are considered a type of specialty priest. It's only in editions after 2nd where this gets messed up (where clerics serve all deities except those of nature).
    In 3e (which I used for Birthright from the outset as a DM), there are Clerics of Nature gods, and many nature domains they can choose (plants, animals, air, earth, fire, water, weather).

    Hence my perspective that there could easily be Clerics of Erik in the civilized areas and Druids in the wild places - or both in a given temple of Erik organization.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewTall View Post
    I briefly toyed with the idea thaat wizardly magic was powered by the seeming, basically the wizard was blurring the line between Cerilia and the Shadow/Spirit world, and using the seeming the then create the effect that they wanted in Cerilia.
    That would be a great idea for a magician regent, being able to manage the seeming on a domain scope.

    I think that druids being able to use ley lines would require to rethink what a "druid" is.

    Simply put, A wild shaman being able to link with the forces of the earth is basically the 3E sorcerer, if you can put aside the "dragon blood" stuff. I would hovewer allow priests of erik to use ley line on more savage realms such as voosgard.

    That being said, I think that spellcaster, especially arcane caster, are penalized when playing domain. They require actions both for spell research and farming holding levels - arcane casters receive little to no advantage in doing so. The ideal play for an arcane caster is having 1 big holding then having to spend at least 2 actions for spellcasting (1 for the ley line). That is, if you don't require a level 0 source holding to draw a ley line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewTall View Post
    That had the problem however of sources and ley lines being drawn of Cerilia - unless of course you chose to make them linked to the Shadow/spirit world.
    Haven't the two worlds always been linked?

    I'm thinking of elves and fey creatures here... and Shadow portals in the most untamed, wild areas...

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