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Birthright for Castles & Crusades

After years of working on it with my p&p group, I have finally finished my Birthright conversion. This is similar to
marsupialmancer's work on 5E, its a full conversion that only requires access to the setting to be playable.

Even if this is meant to be played with the famous Castles & Crusades rpg, its domain and warfare section are fully compatible with any d20 you like.


  • Full conversion of classes, powers and spells;
  • A conversion of the domain system meant to be easier to understand and comprehend;
  • A warfare system meant to be used in theatre of the mind, battlefield, as well as quick resolutions;
  • Full list of spells and domain spells taken from all BR books;
  • A keeper section comprehensive of most difficulties met in this game;


  • The conversion manual;
  • A booklet for players and keepers to help finding tables with ease;
  • A domain sheet

Have fun!