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    You missed this one, cover of Book of Priestcraft:

    I recognize the Raven, the cover of Tribes of the Heartless Waste, but the others are all new to me.

    Cold Rider would have made a good cover for Blood Spawn, had it been published conventionally.

    In the comments of Another Bar Fight, he mentions this is of Skullport City, which is a Forgotten Realms site if i'm not mistaken. That and the illithid in the picture makes me skeptical whether this one was really meant for Birthright.

    The guy does have talent. Thanks for sharing.

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    Weird. I was just thinking about Tony's cover art regarding BR yesterday...

    Anyway, completely agree. He gives BR its authenticity. Is the BoM cover and the Core Rules cover not on that site?

    Each one he did for BR seems to come from some historical moment in Cerilia...

    Anyone know each one?

    The Rules Screen is obviously the Battle of Sorrow Field.
    The Tribes is probably the Vos pushing the Brecht Free League out of Vosgaard (not sure if that battle has been named, but the Battle of Lake Ladan is probably it).
    BoM is al-Din... but what moment?
    BoP is probably the moment when Michael Roele gained his regency?
    What moment is that on the cover of S&C?
    The Raven is probably the moment he entered Cerilia...

    Not sure of the others...
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    And there's also the print of the Gorgon slaying Michael Roele somewhere on that site which Sorontar missed... but I can't find it, for some reason... Can anyone find the link?

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