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    Shouldn't bloodtheft have a scale with regards to bloodline strenght?

    What I mean is that someone of great or true bloodline should probably not gain much if any power when bloodthefting someone of tainted or minor bloodline. This would be similar to having a CR rating for bloodlines, so that awnies like the Gorgon, Rhuobhe or Spider would only reap the benefits if bloodthefting great bloodlines and only a tidbit in the case of major or minor ones.

    That would also explain why the Gorgon, for instance, goes to great lengths to "nurture bloodlines" over generations and then "harvest" them when they "ripen"

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    Is this a 2nd ed or BRCS question?

    Mechanics are way different between the two.

    In 2nd ed there was essentially no connection between strength and score.
    It was possible to have atainted scion have a greater starting blood line score than a great (4d4 versus 8d8, so 16 (max) to 8 (min)).

    In the BRCS they are slightly more connected. Each level of scion class (only available via having the appropriate strength) increases the bloodline score, as well as granting access to higher degree abilities (e.g., in order to have a major blood abilities a scion must have 1 or more levels in scion class).

    In the BRCS the potential for increasing bloodline score depends on the ratio of the slayer's score to the victim's. So the higher the slayer's score the harder it is to increase his score via bloodtheft.

    Now it wouldn't make sense for the Gorgon to foster potential victims with too high a bloodline strength since that makes them more likeely to resist him and ally others to resist since higher strength tends to correspond to higher authority and respect from "lesser" mortals.
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