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Thread: A 'new' Game

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    A 'new' Game


    I am expanding my game which was originally set around 5 or so regents in North Dhoesone adventuring and trying to keep evils at bay. We have just finished turn 5 (soon turn 6) and I wanted to now expand the game, as the PCs have settled in and have successfully secured the Dhoesone region from imminant danger.

    The game is still centered around Dhoesone, but there are many realms available still.

    The website is:

    If you are interested, check out the website, and drop me an email at:

    Notes: it is set in 3.5 with a couple of house rules (roads don't cost upkeep).

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    I cannot find a thread with the rules for char gen, etc.......

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    -No response to email inquiring about the game

    -No response to this thread

    -Website appears to be down

    Slight guess, but i figure it to be dead....

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    Theres seems to be plenty of activity in my e-mail and on the game's forums.
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    Ditto on that. Seems active, he may have stopped recruiting to see how he handles the influx of new players.

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    Bingo! Correct answer!

    Game is now 'closed' to new players until the DM can make sure he manages what he has. Went from 5 regents to 20 or so in 1 turn.

    Also, the forums changed, but I don't know if there is a link to the new ones yet.

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